Building Surveys

Building Surveys

Residential and Commercial Building Surveys

We provide a comprehensive range of residential and commercial property surveys – from condition surveys to detailed building surveys.

We will be happy to advise you on the type of survey that will best suit your needs. We understand that speed is vital in today’s residential market and will ensure a fast turn-around to meet your requirements.

Homebuyer Surveys (residential only)

These surveys involve a thorough property inspection that highlights any significant defects, problems or necessary repairs. The resulting standardised report provides the information a purchaser needs to make an informed judgement.

Building Surveys

The pre-purchase residential Building Survey is a detailed investigation into the construction and condition of the property. This is suitable for all buildings but especially recommended for older or unusual properties, and those of less conventional construction. The survey is conducted in much greater depth than a Homebuyer Report and details the condition of all elements of the building that are accessible for examination. Defects are analysed and guidance given on remedial work and maintenance.

The extent of the survey will be subject to discussion and agreement with the client. Specialist reports can be arranged if there are concerns about electrical, heating or other matters not directly related to the structure of the building.